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Are you as curious about your direct environment as we are?

Start exploring your environment and test CO2 with our CO2 sensor kits.

Our CO2 logger measures and logs carbon dioxide emissions levels, and other environmental parameters.

It can be easily installed to any Raspberry Pi and runs fluently with our drivers.


Expand your Pi and explore your environment!

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Measure CO2 levels

We all are in the constant hassle of keeping our concentration high and our mind focused. In this daily struggle, the quality of our surrounding air strongly influences our ability to concentrate and to function effectively. For everyone being aware of the influence of carbon dioxide on concentration and health; and, for everyone who is simply curious about the air quality of his or her direct environment, we developed a new Raspberry Pi module enabling an accurate and exact measurement of carbon dioxide levels in- and outdoor, stationary and mobile.

The Pi challenge

With the rise of the Raspberry Pi and the constant emergence of new gadgets and sensors, an ever-increasing amount of potential applications evolved – users around the globe were empowered through affordable hardware and provided with a multitude of new opportunities to experiment and explore. However, the realisation of the most creative and exciting applications is often prevented by lacking opportunities to install more sophisticated and practical hardware to these small computers. 

IoT ready

Our software supports IoT. Connect the CO2 Logger to your smart home and include it via MQTT, to Azure IoT cloud or to any ul2 endpoint.

Our solution

Our printed circuit board allows users to integrate the highly accurate SCD30 – Sensor Module to any Raspberry Pi.
Our CO2 sensor kit leaves users with nothing in-between them and an effective logging of CO2 always & everywhere.

Visit our store to order a CO2 logger kit and to start testing CO2 emissions with our newest development kit.