With the upswing of the Raspberry Pi and the continuous development of small-scale sensors great potential for new applications and use-cases emerged.

One of these applications is enabled through our CO2 logger kits. It allows users to accurately measure and log carbon dioxide emissions in-and outdoor. Doing so, conclusions can be drawn about the air quality in one’s direct environment. Insights can be used to adjust one’s living- or working-environment, potentially enhancing the ability to concentrate and improving the general well-being.

With the printed circuit board developed by our team, users can easily connect the SCD30 – Sensor Module with the Raspberry Pi of their choice. In addition, users – as well as everyone of the Raspberry community – are provided with a driver to read out the values of the CO2 data logger. We provide our users with the choice between an assembly kit, allowing for a manual installment; and a pre-assembled kit, coming ready-to-use from our shop.